How can I pay my rent?

You can pay using any of the following ways:

  1. Mail your check or drop it off to:
    Syracuse Quality Living
    215 Cherry St.
    Syracuse, NY 13210
  2. Venmo: @syracuse
  3. Chase Quick-Pay/Zelle via email: syracusequalityliving@gmail.com
  4. Cash App: $SQLPAYMENT
  5. Credit Cards accepted in the office (3.51 % fee applies to all payments)
What are the terms of your lease agreement?
  • SQL offers 12 month leases. Semester and month to month leases are also available; please check office for details.
Do you allow pets?
  • Yes we do!
  • No pets shall be allowed to be kept in or about the Premises unless Landlord has approved a pet in this agreement. Resident must also pay a related pet feeof $1,000.00/pet payable at the time of lease signing and before pet is kept in or about the Premises/Unit. Any damage caused by the pet will be payable to Landlord from Resident’s security deposit. Pet must be current on all appropriate vaccinations, shots and registration, and owner must pick up after the pet’s waste promptly, or pay fees. Pet prohibitions apply to all mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. Nothing in this Lease shall be construed to prohibit seeing-eye dogs for the visually impaired. In the event of a violation of this rule, Resident will be assessed a $100 fine per occurrence, and have 48 hours to obtain proper approval or be fined an additional $25 per day. Unauthorized and/or unregistered pets are not allowed on the property and must be removed immediately. Landlord may remove any unauthorized pet with one day’s written notice of intent to remove the pet. Landlord may turn the pet over to a humane society or local authority.
Is there a security deposit required?
  • There is a security deposit of one months rent and a key deposit of $25 required to reserve any apartment from SQL.
Is there an application fee and administration fee?
  • There is a $25 dollar application fee and a $75 dollar administration fee  that is non-refundable.
What furniture is provided in my room?
  • Most rooms are furnished with full size beds, computer table and chair.
What does all-inclusive mean?
  • All apartments are furnished with leather sofas, coffee & end tables, kitchen table & chairs (space permitting), kitchens equipped with all stainless steel appliances including refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher (in most apartments), and washer dryer on premises. All utilities are included in the rent : heat, electricity, internet and water are included in the rent price. Maintenance is also included in your rent.
Do only SU students live in the apartments?
  • No! Students from surrounding colleges and universities live in the SQL community.
Where is your leasing office located?
  • The office is at 215 Cherry Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Can I sublease my room/apt?
  • Subleasing is allowed with manager written consent. Sub tenants have to provide us with their personal details and apply to meet eligibility. They must also provide us with their own security deposit. Please check with office for additional information.
Can I pay the entire year/semester in advance? Is there any discount for paying in advance?
  • You can pay your entire annual rent (applies to 11.5 -12 month lease only) in advance and receive a 5% discount. The entire term of your lease must be paid before move in.
Can I use financial aid funds to pay my rent?
  • Most students use the money received from the University to pay their entire rent for the year so they don’t have to worry about paying their rent on time all year.
When is the rent due every month? Will you send us a bill?
  • The rent is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late after the 5th of the month. If Landlord elects to accept a late payment,  as of 4pm on the 5th day of the month, a late fee of $50 shall be assessed to the Resident. At 4pm on the 15th day of the month, the late fee will increase to $100.

    You will be invoiced at the beginning of the month.  After the 5th if your rent is not paid, you will receive another invoice with a late fee added to it.

How do I get maintenance to take care of any issue?
  • Maintenance can be contacted by sending a text to: 315-820-0200. They will acknowledge your request within 24-48 hours and address your issues in order of urgency.
What if the heat is not working or I am feeling cold in the apartment?
  • All apartments heating will be set to 70 degrees. If your apt heating is not working, please text maintenance at 315-820-0200 and they will come address the issue. If you are still cold and the heat is working fine then you need to layer up to keep yourself warmer.
Can I use a portable heater, refrigerator, air conditioner in my room?
  • No portable heaters, refrigerators or air conditioners are permitted in the rooms without prior written consent from management. There is a $50/month charge for use of any portable appliance. If found in the room without prior management approval, it will be taken and held in our office to be returned to you upon your lease end.
We found a place we want to rent….What do we do now?
  • Call and make an appointment to view/sign a lease by calling 315-820-0200 or email: syracusequalityliving@gmail.com
  • Get your application fee, administration fee and security deposit money ready, you will need it at time of lease signing. Generally, If you make a lease signing appointment it’s yours and it won’t be rented to someone else. BUT, If you haven’t paid a deposit, you haven’t rented it. If you miss your appointment, other interested groups will be contacted.
Do I need renters insurance?
  • SQL is now requiring our tenants to have Renters Insurance. We Advise that you use the following company. Please look under Leasing Documents/Renters insurance for the program we offer.
Do you need a guarantor?
  • Yes! If you do not have one, No problem! SQL partnered with Leap. Leap fills in for a guarantor a parent co-signer when required by a landlord.